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Paper Shop US com introduces Innovation to the Tissue Paper Industry bringing a Community e-Marketplace to facilitate the discovery and sourcing of Environmentally Preferable Tissue Paper Products Online. 

Both Google.com and Tissue Paper are embedded in our daily lives. The invention of using paper for hygiene purposes originated in China and started mass production during the 14th Century. However, Paper in the form of Toilet Tissue Rolls as we know it today was first made in the 19th Century.

Majorly there are six types of tissue papers you can Buy namely; Bathroom Tissue, Facial Tissue, Paper Towel, Paper Napkin and, Specialty Wipes and Wrapping Tissue. Each of the tissue paper products has its own quality requirement according to the usage. The tissue paper industry is broadly classified into two categories: At Home; also known as Consumer tissue; and Away from Home (AfH); also known as Institutional tissue. The At Home segment comprises of tissues that are used for domestic purposes whereas tissue under the category of Away from Home segment is used for commercial and industrial purposes such as hotels,  restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, and institutions; they include paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, facial tissue, dispensers and tissue products used in a working environment or in hospitality venues. A number of properties, such as absorption, porosity, coarseness, tensile strength, and tactility, determine the quality of tissue paper. 

Tissue paper products have a high consumer penetration worldwide, with the world estimated to reach 9 Billion people by the year 2050; of those 321+ Million, are in the United States (as of 12/31/2016) and the recent projections of 25 Kg. of Tissue Paper Products to be used per Capita in the United States for years 2017-2021 (a 9% increase over the same period 2012-2016 / 23 kg).

Innovation in the tissue paper industry is rare, but not unknown. Stronger, yet fewer sheets per roll, while making the paper towel roll bigger; Manufacturing the toilet tissue paper roll bulkier and the tissue paper sheet softer, and Adding cleaner renewable fibers to the pulp, are some of the characteristics of constant innovation among tissue paper producers.

The Main Properties of Tissue paper products are Absorbency and Softness. These properties are mostly affected by the porosity, creping and furnish composition of the paper. Tissue Paper is made of a low sheet density and high porosity which is helpful to gain elevated absorbency and softness. 

The 20th Century was characterized by the evolution of the Pulp and Paper Industry in the United States. During this period the character and organization of the industry changed fundamentally, as the top tissue paper producers merged from regional smaller factories to adopting the organization of large-scale tissue paper mills, vertically integrated converting facilities with multi-region distribution facilities and multi-product sales enterprises.

Additionally, evolution in the beginning of the 21st Century presented business and consumers the introduction of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and other information technologies such as Google.com which have rapidly transformed the economic and social environment of many supply segments, the introduction of e-commerce has changed all segments including the retail of consumer tissue paper and the wholesale distribution of away from home tissue paper products. 

Furthermore, the 21st Century has shown few investments made by local US Tissue Paper Producers, Yet; the increased demand for improved hygienic tissue paper products in the United States has kept margins at healthy levels for tissue paper suppliers. A situation, that has enabled innovative international tissue producers such as APP/Solaris, Cascades, Essity/Tork, Resolute, and Sofidel to position them selfs to capture a share of the North American Tissue Paper Market. 

In the conventional view, these two evolutions "the Industrial Technology and the Information Technology" share similar structure where a small group controls a large piece of the market with a strict hierarchy in which the evolution is pushed down the social pyramid by the few at the top to many below.

A classic example of an American innovation is the story of: "a)AMAZON.COM, Amazon, Inc (Founder: Jeff Bezos). The company was founded in July 1994 as a result of what Jeff Bezos called his "regret minimization framework," which described his efforts to fend off any regrets for not participating sooner in the Internet business boom during that time.

Watch Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos TEDTalk On:
Innovation, The Internet, and The Electricity Metaphor.

To see the video in Youtube.com - Click Here. 

Today, After many years of hard work, resilient with our improved technology and our transparent approach, we are introducing PaperShopUS.com a Community e-Marketplace designed to link both consumers who are interested in discovering and sourcing environmentally preferable tissue paper products, and environmental conscious tissue paper manufacturers who are ready to innovate and supply the tissue paper needs of our community members.

At Paper Shop US Co. www.papershopus.com - The Online Shop to Purchase Environmentally Preferable Paper Products (EPP). Paper Shop U.S. is a co-brand of Environmentally Preferable Tissue Paper products marketed by AMPACK CORP and powered by DBA SIPUES SAS.

We Believe on working together with innovative paper manufacturers and contract converters, as well as on bringing value to our re-distributor/logistics partners so we can all supply the growing demand for EPP products by utilizing e-commerce as a channel for conscious marketing and consultative sales!

Environmentally preferable products mean "products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose," according to the Implementing Instructions for the United States Executive Order 13693. This comparison applies to raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, use, reuse, operation, maintenance, and disposal.

A Community e-Marketplace is an enterprise of the future "a custom e-commerce platform" designed for its members to interact seamlessly with each other, one that has an understanding of the need to create and transfer value within and across the industry networks. Allowing its members to select exactly the product they want, how they want it delivered, and when they want it. While also enabling its vendors to list the product they can best supply, how they can supply it, and when they can best supply it.

    We, Welcome you to our community e-Marketplace Paper Shop US dot com www.papershopus.com!

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