Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Commitment to the Environment

at Paper Shop U.S. we identify supply and manufacturing opportunities and take action to reduce the use of paper, and the amount of fiber used in to produce all paper products we develop. Yet; we remain consistent with all functional considerations and requirements these may have. 

PaperShopUS.com is committed to source and supply quality goods and help its customers to trace their purchase of environmentally preferable purchases in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost that supports your business in meeting its sustainability goals. We hope to help institutions reach their procurement requirements PPRA Section 1101 (a) ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE PROCUREMENT REQUIREMENTS for Paper and Disposable Products. 


At PaperShopUS.com . we promote Paper use reduction, a form of source reduction, can achieve clear and measurable environmental and economic benefits. Using less paper can reduce environmental impacts across the entire life-cycle of paper — from fiber acquisition to manufacturing processes, distribution, use, shipping & storage and management of used paper after use. More specifically, this type of source reduction reduces the amount of paper that must be produced in the first place, thereby extending the fiber supply and avoiding the use of natural resources and the release of pollutants associated with acquiring raw materials and manufacturing. Decreasing the quantity of paper that is discarded also decreases the quantity of paper that must be stored, collected, transported , processed and managed. In short, when consumers or businesses choose a source reduction strategy, they are choosing waste prevention over management or remediation. Source reduction activities also can translate into immediate and long-term cost savings. Purchasers who reduce their use of paper save directly on purchasing costs, which are particularly significant in the current market, given the recent major price increases. Reducing the use of paper can reduce the costs associated with the storage of paper during use and the management (storage, collection, transportation and disposal) of used paper. Over the long term, reducing the amount of paper we use can help stabilize paper prices by extending a fiber supply that is in high demand. Source reduction can provide an aggregate economic benefit by, in effect, extending the supply of paper relative to demand. In the great majority of cases, reducing paper use is a win-win situation — environmentally and economically — for consumers and businesses.


Specification Language

Presently, only two types of papers meet the environmental criteria, as defined below. 

  • Purchases contain at least 10% post-consumer 100% recycled and/or GREEN SEAL certified products. 
  • Purchases consist of at least 50% Forest Stewardship Council FSC certified paper products.

FSC Information : http://us.fsc.org/en-us/newsroom/newsletter/id/917

LEED MRp1 Possible Point : https://www.usgbc.org/credits/mrp1

EPA : Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program :      https://www.epa.gov/greenerproducts/about-environmentally-preferable-purchasing-program

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