Tissue Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers

Tissue paper is the base for many indispensable products, such as Paper Toilet, Bathroom Tissue, Jumbo Tissue Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue Paper,  and Paper Napkins. 

The Global Tissue Paper Market is expecting an estimated CAGR of 5.79% growth trend (2018-2022) as Tissue Paper Products become a more acceptable solution to improve consumer hygiene across the world. The Tissue Paper Suppliers are defined as follows: Integrated Paper Mills, Paper Converters, Contract Paper Converters, Paper & Pulp Traders, and Paper Distributors. 

According to Statista.com, The Global Tissue Paper Industry had a market volume of over USD $93,328m during 2017 with most revenue generated in China. Following are the Top 5 Markets for Tissue Paper Suppliers. 

1. China :        US$38,712.5m

2. USA:            US$30,754.5m

3. Japan :         US$11,899.9m

4. Germany:   US$6,399.6m

5. UK :              US$5,564.1m 

The People of the United States of America are the biggest consumers of Tissue Paper Products expecting to consume 9,637.9mkg by 2021. The average consumption of Tissue Paper in the United States of America "Paper consumption in the US" was 25.2kg during 2017.  This is the total breakdown of the tissue paper usage in the united states: 

1. Toilet Paper          12.72kg.

2. Paper Tissues         1,58kg.

3. Household Paper   7.57kg.

4. Feminine Hygiene  0.36kg.

5. Baby Diapers          2.15kg.

6. Incontinence           1.12kg.

The average revenue per person in the US Paper Shop market for Tissue and Hygiene Paper amounts to US$93.14 in 2017.  

Private Brands of Tissue Paper Products continue to dominate the US Paper Market, Shoppers have learned and started to trust the Private Label Brands developed by the Top 500 Retailers with the PL Brands exceeding sales and revenue over the National Brands. 

The main brands of Toilet Tissue Paper purchased by Paper Shoppers Online are: 

1. Private Brands "Store Brands" Daymon Worldwide. 

2. Angel Soft - GP

3. Charmin Ultra Soft - P&G

4. Charmin Ultra Strong - P&G

5. Scott - KCC

6. Quilted Northen Soft & Strong - GP

7. Kleenex Cottonelle Clean Care - KCC

8. Quilted Northern Ultra Push - GP

9. Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care - KCC

10. Scott Extra Soft - KCC

and others such as : Tork by SCA, Fiora by APP/Solaris Paper, and Maxim Fit Bath Tissue Paper by AMPACK Corp.  "PaperShopUS.com"

In the United States "US" today, the tissue paper industry is dominated by four manufacturers, Georgia Pacific, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, and Essity or Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget "SCA/Tork".  Some other Tissue Paper Producers are :  Cascades Tissue, APP/Solaris, Sofidel S.p.A., Resolute Products,  Vonhdrel, Royal Paper, Merfin, Global Tissue Paper, Softex Paper, South Florida Tissue,  Kruger Tissue Paper, and AMPACK CORP.  "PaperShopUS.com".

The Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process as described by The Perini Journal talks about different producers:

 Complete Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process 
 Credits : madehow.com

         Paper Mill

         Tissue paper making companies own sets of machinery which are fit for making large parent reels of tissue paper. When we say tissue paper, it refers to all kinds of tissue paper, such as hygienic tissue paper, facial tissues, paper towels, wrapping tissue, toilet tissue, table napkins. The raw material of making these paper can be pulp wood, bamboo pulp, waste carton, waste newspaper.


         Paper Converter 

         Toilet paper, paper towels, paper napkins, and facial tissues are sanitary papers, personal products that need to be clean and hygienic. They're made from various numbers of parent reels, one ply, two plies, three-ply and double layer ply among others. The paper is then loaded onto converting machines that unwind, slit, and rewind it onto long thin cardboard tubing "the core", making a paper log. The paper logs are then cut by a saw into smaller sizes, this is than send to the packaging machines for wrapping and than send to a corrugated box or poly bag. 


     Contract Paper Converter

      Contract Paper Converters are independent companies who own Tissue Paper Converting Equipment for the producing of toilet paper rolls, paper towels, institutional/kitchen rolls, paper napkins, facial tissues and bed sheet rolls. The Contract Converters offer their capacity and equipment to the Larger Tissue Paper Companies.


         Paper & Pulp Traders


          Pulp and Parent Reels are being produced by mills, somewhere in the world, these will become tissue paper products– and traders act as in many-faceted product. The role of a trader is to support buyers and sellers with in-depth knowledge of products and process. The main qualities are NBSK, NBHK, BCTMP, BEKP, fluff pulp and dissolving pulp. 

         Tissue Paper Distributors

         Independent distributors generally specialize in distributing products for an industry or a particular audience. For instance, independent distributors of paper products (paper towels, bathroom tissue, paper napkins) can focus on the general public or sell products to companies that sell to the general public.


Consumers and Buyers of Tissue Paper Products are Shopping Online for Paper Products, according to Statista.com 3% of the Revenue Generated by the Tissue and Hygiene Papermarket will be originated through online sales by 2021. The Distribution channels online refer to the purchase of physical goods in online retail. In other words, the purchase is executed via the internet on a Desktop PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone. Shoppers of the Tissue Paper Products are expected to buy online : Buy Paper Toilet, Buy Bathroom Tissue, Buy Jumbo Toilet Tissue Paper, Buy Facial Tissue, Buy Paper Napkins, Buy Paper Towels

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